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I highly recommend Wammoth Services for any gas fireplace service needs. The online scheduling option is extremely convenient and I also appreciate the promo codes available on Facebook that help to save a little money. Ryan visited our home to complete a diagnostic, cleaning and minor repair. He was timely, extremely professional and offered good advice for keeping the fireplace running safely and efficiently.



If you have a gas fireplace then you want Wammoth Services. Scheduling an appointment was extremely easy and the reminders were perfectly spaced and informative.

The technician, Ryan, was awesome. He embodied professionalism, was informative and delightful.

I will definitely be adding them to my favorite service providers and you should too!



Our property management company has been using Wammoth Services to repair and service gas fireplaces at our managed properties for the past year. This week, I had the opportunity to use them to service and repair 2 fireplaces at my own home. They were great to work, communicated promptly regarding scheduling and pricing, and were sensitive to my timeframe needs. I highly recommend Wammoth Services!



I contacted Wammoth based on positive reviews on Washington Consumers Checkbook and was very pleased by the experience. Arranging the appointment was easy and there was a good confirmation process.  Ryan, the  service technician, contacted me promptly in advance of the call to ask if he could be early.  He was knowledgeable, personable and efficient in cleaning and servicing our rather elderly gas logs,  He confirmed  that we may need a new thermocouple but did not try and sell it, rather he suggested that we use the unit and see. When indeed the unit would not stay lit after a few days he made a prompt return visit at no cost to replace the thermocouple and the unit has performed flawlessly since. What I really appreciated was that we both smelt gas on his visit and he identified that the release valve was partially open and addressed it.  He also took the time to fine tune the log placement to meet my wife's exacting requirements. All of this was done cheerfully. I do very much recommend them!



Our fireplace was burning with a horrible gas smell and we had been afraid to use it with our 1 year old in the house. It's 20 years old and we had never serviced it in the 12-14 years we have lived there. I looked at a lot of different companies before booking with Wammoth Services, and I still didn't know what to expect when they arrived.

The Hearth Specialist, Bill, took his time cleaning all the years of soot off the fireplace glass, realigning logs and cleaning up inside of, and underneath the hearth.  I was so impressed by his thoroughness and his willingness to explain, so much so that I would be more informed enough to even mention realigning logs.  Bill confirmed that even with just the pilot light on, the fireplace was so dirty it was putting off carbon monoxide.  He cleaned it so well and it's such a relief.

If you don't even know the last time you cleaned your fireplace, do it!  I'd you want it done by a reputable and great company, use Wammoth Services.  I am really glad that I did.

Never thought I would be showing off a 20 year old fireplace, but just take a look at the pic!



Seconding Molly’s recommendation for Wammoth Services. This family-owned business does a great job and is so easy to work with!



Wammoth Services. Love supporting this small business. To top it off... super reliable, friendly tech, responsive to inquiries and appointments, reasonable prices, trustworthy, and professional. Thanks for the years of service, past and future.


Angi's List

Exceeded expectations. Bill came to our home and looked at our fireplace, location of the gas meter, and provided an accurate estimate of the cost of installing a gas fireplace. This required a level 2 chimney certification of our fireplace, performed by a licensed and certified chimney sweep, to determine whether we needed a direct vent insert with two pipes running up the chimney to safely draw and exhaust air from the fireplace or could use a vented log set that utilized chimney to exhaust gas and draws air from the room. We also needed a gas load estimate (we already had a gas water heater, furnace and stove). This determined we needed to split the gas supply and have it balanced to provide the gas for the fireplace separate from the water heater, furnace and stove. Bill installed the gas line. The gas company installed the new gas meter with splitter. We decided to replace our old glass door and screen on the fireplace and chose a Thermo-Rite door and screen. We chose a 30 inch RH Peterson premium vented gas log set. This involved an electronic valve with Intermittent Pilot Ignition, with remote control. It took a while to get this properly placed in our fireplace (elevated on bricks, toward the front of the fireplace) to keep the system from getting too hot and shutting off at maximum gas flow. Bill contacted the manufacturer and did stop short of delivering a fully operational, safe system. He corrected all items identified by the permit inspector (even those he did not agree were outside of code with the gas line). We have had the system long enough for Bill to service it twice. For all visits, he was on time or early, called before he arrived, placed tarps to catch any soot, and cleaned up without leaving a mess! We love our gas fireplace, and use it nearly daily during the late fall, winter and early spring.
Description of work:
Conversion of existing wood fireplace to gas fireplace, to include running gas line to fireplace, splitting the gas supply at the gas meter, replacement of the fireplace glass door and screen.