We are scheduling January 2024!

Earlier Appointment Opportunity

It is common that quality gas fireplace service providers have very limited appointments available this time of year - especially when the cold winds of winter arrive early!  Wammoth Services has an extra challenge of a new arrival, baby boy Sanderhoff #3 is expected on 12/21/2023 (but most likely the little will make an early debut).

We have carefully crafted our calendar for December to limit customer inconvenience.  We appreciate your patience!  So, do not lose heart when submitting your online service request and our first available date is in January.  We will be able to offfer early appointments - we don't know exactly when.

Please make sure to check the EARLY APPOINTMENT OPPORTUNITY box to get on the list.  Also, we offer SKIP THE LINE for a $50 fee.  You receive early access to earlier availability.  You wil only be charged the $50 fee if you accept and receive the earlier appointment.

Earlier Appointment Opportunity is only available for our Gas Fireplace Full Service and In-Home Estimate!