Gas Fireplace Services

Service your gas fireplace with our Gas Fireplace Full Service every year!

Gas Fireplace Full Service

  • Highly Recommended Our most popular option
  • Complete Inspection Basic Inspection, Diagnosis as well as a comprehensive inspection of all the fireplace components
  • Cleaning In addition to aesthetic cleaning, vital components are cleaned & serviced
  • Servicing Tune-up & minor issues resolved
  • 30 Day Workmanship Warranty Certain restrictions apply

Diagnostic Only

  • Basic Inspection Includes gas leak check at connections, carbon monoxide level check, vent termination visual check
  • Diagnosis Determine reason for non-operational gas fireplace
  • Solution Provide recommendations for repair
  • Cleaning, Servicing or Repair Additional charge will apply

*Replacement parts and/or excessive repairs are additional and not included in the full service price.  While the full service may correct and resolved most common issues, we are not able to guarantee all issues will be resolved in every case including, but not limited to; units that have not been serviced annually/regularly, those beyond their serviceable life or parts are no longer available, units that have been installed or repaired incorrectly or outside manufacturer's instructions or if the unit has been serviced by a non-qualified individual.  Multiple panes of glass fee of $25 each applies.  One pane of glass is included in the price of the full service.  Additional panes are charged $25 each.  See-through units (2 panes of glass) - $25 additional.  Peninsula (3 panes of glass) - $50 additional.  There may an additional charge for excessively dirty/neglected fireplace.

There is a 4% credit card convenience fee/processing fee.  Amounts under $300 will be assessed $10 credit card convenience/processing fee.  Amounts over $300 will be assessed 4% fee.

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Wammoth Services
Wammoth Services

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