Gas Fireplace Service & Repair

My gas fireplace does not work or has issues. What service do you recommend?

If you have not used your gas fireplace or if it is not working properly (or at all), we recommend our gas fireplace full service.  This service provides the cleaning and servicing of the major components of your gas fireplace.  When these components are not cleaned or service regularly, your fireplace will perform optimally or no at all.

What is included in the gas fireplace full service?

The full gas fireplace service includes a complete inspection, cleaning, servicing and tune-up of your gas fireplace.  Many common operational issues may be resolved with this service.  Replacement parts/extensive repairs are not included.

There are no guarantees our full service will resolve your fireplace issues, but it is the best value and recommended annually.  


How much does a new gas fireplace cost?

A new gas fireplace cost varies depending on size, options and type.  A vented log set or a ventless unit range between $3,00 to $5,00 while a direct vent unit ranges between $10,000 to $13,000.  These are installed prices and can vary from this range.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes!  We post promotions through various social media platforms and also on our website.  Make sure to use a promotion code when submitting your online service request to receive discounts.


How can I receive more information if I do not wish to submit a service request online?

You are under no obligation to schedule a service when you submit a service request online.  If you require more information or have questions, but are hesitant to submit a request form, we encourage you to include a message regarding the additional information you desire when you submit our online form.


What is Wammoth Rewards Program?

Our Wammoth Rewards Program is a referral program for our customers.  For every new referred customer, the customer that refers the new customer to us, receives rewards in the form a credit to thier Wammoth Services' account.


Does Wammoth Services offer a payment plan?

We are proud to be a partner of Synchrony Home Design to provide special financing options to our customers.  More informaiton can be found here:


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