Wammoth Services Terms & Conditions

Wammoth Services Terms & Conditions 

Wammoth Services, LLC is a licensed contractor in the state of Virginia with designation in gas fitting and HVAC.  The primary focus specializes in gas fireplaces; servicing, repairing, installing gas fireplace units as well as other gas line projects.  Wammoth Services provides in-home service for gas fireplace to residential and commercial clients.  Wammoth Services does not have a physical retail or showroom location.  Customers may contact Wammoth Services by phone 571-309-2969, email [email protected] or website www.gasfireplaceservice.org or by mail PO Box 2023 Woodbridge, VA 22195.  Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.  Current & complete terms and condition can be found on our website https://gasfireplaceservice.org/terms/

Natural or Liquid Propane Gas Fuel

Wammoth Services recommends and encourages all customers to be alert and aware of gas fuel when operating their gas fireplace.  If a customer smells or even thinks they smell gas or other unexplained burning smell to immediately evacuate the premises with the other household members.  Customer should then contact the proper authority such as their gas utility, propane supplier, or emergency services such as 911 IMMEDIATELY.

Do not attempt to use any gas appliance (such as a fireplace) if the appliance is not operating as intended, there is a strong gas smell, or if the appliance has been tagged or noted by the utility company, an inspector, another technician, or homeowner until the gas fireplace has been inspected and/or repaired by a qualified/certified gas fireplace professional.

Payment and Fees

Payment in full is required upon completion of the service/repair/project.  Exceptions must be approved prior to the service appointment by Wammoth Services Accounting department who will provide the customer with an approval via email of the arrangement.

Invoices that are not paid by the due date are subject to a delinquent payment fee of 10% of the total amount due or $50 whichever is greater.  This fee will be added to the invoice after 5 days from the invoice due date without further notification. In addition, any discounts, promotional rates, coupons may be voided, reversed, or not applied to a delinquent invoice.  A recurring monthly maintenance fee of $25 will be added to any unpaid invoice 30 calendar days after the invoice due date.

Deposit may be required from a customer for the following situation:  multiple gas fireplace services are scheduled on the same appointment, special order item, replacement/new gas fireplace, service/repair scheduling.  Any part considered special order must be installed within 60 days of receipt by Wammoth Services or the customer forfeits the part and the nonrefundable deposit.

A $50 return payment fee is assessed for any payment returned for any reason (returned check, credit card dispute or inquiry or other). Additional fees, including, but not limited to legal expenses will be the responsibility of the customer for any amount(s) not paid within the terms of contract or by due date.

Additional fees may apply to our services; including but not limited to, excessive cleaning fees, cleaning of additional glass panes, vent clearing, installation assessment or review, and any other additional service that is considered beyond the scope of our services. Replacement parts and/or labor are not included in our full-service fee.  Travel fees, seasonal fees, after-hour fees, credit card convenience fees, restocking fees or optional add-on options may apply.  We may provide an estimated total prior to an appointment.  Our technician will discuss any additional charges if they are possible at the time of service.  A final invoice will be provided upon completion of the service. 

Promotional discounts and/or credits are provided by Wammoth Services directly. Discounts/credits may be revoked or not applied for any reason; including, but not limited to, 3rd party offerings (such as coupon sites), customer status (new/existing), service scheduled dates, gas fireplaces not previously serviced by Wammoth Services, gas fireplaces serviced by other service providers, service location, prior recommendations made by Wammoth Services, and use of credit or discounts beyond the expiration date.

Wammoth Services is not liable for any gas fireplace unit that was installed by another company, individual and/or customer, units installed without proper county/local permits and/or inspections, units that are recommended to be replaced or not to be used, units requiring repairs, replacement parts, units that are beyond their serviceable life, units that do not have fireplace information data.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

Wammoth Services understands the value of time of both our company employees and our customers.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Fee

$10 Reschedule Request Fee:  Wammoth Services will accept one (1) request to reschedule an appointment at no charge.  Subsequent requests to reschedule may be assessed as a $10 fee per reschedule request. 

$50 Cancellation Fee:  Cancellation requests must be received 1 business day prior to the scheduled appointment.  We recommend you email the cancellation request to ensure delivery.  Requests received after 5pm EST on the prior business day of the appointment or cancellations made on the day of scheduled appointment may be assessed as the $50 cancellation fee or the $150 minimum trip charge fee.

$150 Minimum trip charge will be assessed in the following events/circumstances: Our technician receives the cancellation request from the customer when the courtesy “prior to arrival call” has been made.  If the customer or their representative is a “no-show” for the scheduled appointment upon the technician arrival to the service location.  The customer or representative is not 18 years or older (minor).  The service location or appliance is considered a safety/fire/health hazard. The scheduled service could not be performed for any reason, but the technician arrived and reviewed the gas fireplace/appliance.

Multiple fireplace cancellation policy:  An appointment with multiple gas fireplaces to service (more than 1), a deposit may be required from the customer.  Should the customer cancel any of the gas fireplace services at time of appointment, a $50 fee per cancelled fireplace will be added to the invoice.

Appointment Policy and Other Information

Wammoth Services will provide an arrival window prior to the scheduled appointment as a courtesy. The arrival window is usually provided on the appointment reminder which is emailed the day before the scheduled service.  Customer understands that this is an estimated period and may be updated prior to appointment. The customer is expected to be available during the arrival window at the service location or make appropriate arrangements to allow the technician entry to the service location. The technician will call the customer prior to arrival (5-15 minutes prior to arriving).  If the Technician is not able to gain entry to the service location where the gas appliance is located upon arrival at the service address, we provide a 5-minute courtesy wait time.  After te 5-minute wait time, the appointment is considered a no-show.

If the technician is running early, prior to the start of the arrival window, the technician will contact the customer to see if the customer is available for an early arrival.  If the customer is not available earlier, the technician may move to another customer which may affect the original arrival window of the appointment.  In some cases, the technician may be running late or beyond the end of the arrival window.  Wammoth Services will contact customers in the event of a delayed arrival.

Wammoth Services does not guarantee that our Gas Fireplace Full Service will resolve all or any of the issue(s) pertaining to the gas fireplace.  Further, Wammoth Services does not guarantee that repairs and/or replacement parts will resolve the issue(s).  In some cases, additional repair and/or replacement parts may be required once other repairs are made or the unit may need to be replaced.

In the event the scheduled service or repair was not completed at the time of appointment for any reason, a minimum trip charge would apply if the technician arrived for the appointment and provided an assessment or discussed with customer any information related to the gas fireplace.

7-day workmanship warranty – we provide this warranty on our gas fireplace full service only.  The warranty is not available on Basic Inspection, Diagnostic or In-Home Estimate Appointments.  The customer is responsible for contacting Wammoth Services within seven calendar days of a full-service appointment regarding any issues, concerns, or operational difficulties.  Wammoth Services will review and schedule a follow-up service appointment at no charge to the customer. If it is determined that the issue is not regarding the workmanship of the service (for example, operator error, additional part failure), a charge for the follow up service will be applied. Pilot light must remain lit for the warranty to apply.  Wammoth Services is not responsible for conditions prior to the service, out of date, neglected or deteriorated parts. This warranty is non-transferable.

Extended Warranty Program

Wammoth Services may offer an extended workmanship/service warranty option for our gas fireplace full service at an additional charge.  Extended warranty program may be subject to change or cancellation without notice.  Certain gas fireplace situations regarding age of unit, condition, maintenance, previous damage, repairs, or the need for repairs are not included in the extended service warranty. 

Appointment Options/Opportunities

Wammoth Services may offer select options to our customers for various appointment conveniences.  These options are not required to schedule an appointment.  Options or opportunities may include specific arrival times/windows, earlier date availability during peak season, priority access to scheduling or savings/discounts.  Some options require additional expenses on our part such as scheduling, logistics, fuel, travel time.  Deposit may be required for the appointment with these options selected.  The deposit will not be refunded in cases where the customer cancels, reschedules or is a no-show.  Refunds for deposits on these special options will be determined by Wammoth Services on a case-by-case basis.  Inclement weather, unusual travel/traffic, issues involving our technician’s safety may hinder specific appointments and would not constitute a reason for a full refund.

Gas Smell

Customer agrees to take appropriate action regarding gas fuel – natural or propane. If a customer smells or thinks they smell gas (natural/liquid propane), the customer (and any other personnel) will immediately evacuate the premises and contact the gas utility company and/or 911. The customer acknowledges that gas leak(s) may and can occur at any time – even after servicing the gas appliance.

These terms & conditions may be updated at any time. Please visit our website www.gasfireplaceservice.org for the most current version.

Wammoth Services Privacy Policy

At Wammoth Services, we collect and manage user data according to the following Privacy Policy.

Data Collected

We collect information you provide directly to us. For example, we collect information when you create an account, subscribe, participate in any interactive features of our services, fill out a form, request customer support or otherwise communicate with us. The types of information we may collect include your name, email address, postal address, credit card information and other contact or identifying information you choose to provide.

We collect anonymous data from every visitor of the Website to monitor traffic and fix bugs. For example, we collect information like web requests, the data sent in response to such requests, the Internet Protocol address, the browser type, the browser language, and a timestamp for the request.

We also use various technologies to collect information, and this may include sending cookies to your computer. Cookies are small data files stored on your hard drive or in your device memory that helps us to improve our services and your experience, see which areas and features of our services are popular and count visits. We may also collect information using web beacons (also known as "tracking pixels"). Web beacons are electronic images that may be used in our services or emails and to track count visits or understand usage and campaign effectiveness.

Use of the Data

We only use your personal information to provide you our services or to communicate with you about the Website or the services offered.

We employ industry standard techniques to protect against unauthorized access of data about you that we store, including personal information.

We do not share personal information you have provided to us without your consent, unless:

Doing so is appropriate to conduct your own request.

We believe it is needed to enforce our legal agreements or that is legally required.

We believe it is needed to detect, prevent, or address fraud, security, or technical issues.

Sharing of Data

We have contractual agreements with other companies to provide services to us regarding our day-to-day business practices that use our customer data for the purpose including, not limited to, billing, customer communication, scheduling, updating information and promotions.  We do not share your personal information with third parties.  Aggregated, anonymized data is periodically transmitted to external services to help us improve the Website and service.

We may allow third parties to provide analytics services. These third parties may use cookies, web beacons and other technologies to collect information about your use of the services and other websites, including your IP address, web browser, pages viewed, time spent on pages, links clicked and conversion information.

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Communication Preferences

You may modify your communication preferences and/or opt-out from specific communications at any time. Please specify and adjust your preferences.


We take reasonable steps to protect personally identifiable information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. But you should keep in mind that no Internet transmission is ever completely secure or error-free. An email sent to or from the Sites may not be secure.

About Children

The Website is not intended for children under the age of eighteen. We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information via the Website from visitors in this age group.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time for www.gasfireplaceservice.org. Use of information we collect now is subject to the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such information is used.

If we make major changes in the way we collect or use information, we will notify you by posting an announcement on the Website and/or sending you an email.

These terms & conditions may be updated at any time. Please visit our website www.gasfireplaceservice.org for the most current version.